Some days you want to be done and over.

Some days you just feel like you shouldn’t have gotten out of bed. You know when you wake up late, your rushing around to get ready, and then you go to get a cup of coffee, but it was made hours ago and the coffee pot already shut off, leaving you with luke warm coffee. So you put the cup in the microwave to heat up your coffee, but the microwave is apparently on strike and won’t heat coffee properly. Then before testing your coffee, you put in a couple of spoonfuls of powdered creamer in and begin to stir… Only to watch it clump together and float, because it won’t dissolve in luke warm coffee.

Then as you get into your car, you bump your head on the car door frame.

By now I’m wondering what is going on? In town you run in to pay your car insurance, and you are politely informed that you forgot to pay last month, and now you owe double.

You make it to lunch and find they no longer serve your favorite dish. (Okay, time to try something new.)

Before you head home you have to run in to the store and get a few items (which turns into 27 items).

On the way home you stop at Sonic to grab an unsweetened ice tea, and when you take a big swallow you nearly choke because they gave you what seems to be “thick” sugar water.

By now you just want to get home a relax. But you get home and began cooking dinner, when you find you didn’t get everything you actually needed to cook what you had planned. Seriously?!

And apparently, it doesn’t matter because that’s about the time the electricity shut off in the entire neighborhood, because some one down the road cut down a tree and it fell across the power lines. Sigh…

All you can do is light a few candles and a couple oil lamps and wait… Or just give in and go to bed early, and hope tomorrow doesn’t go like today.

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