Women’s Plus Sizes

As a plus size woman (according to the American clothing sizing industry), I have found that there are not many stores that sells plus size clothing for women. Why? Is it that hard to add some plus size clothing to the stores merchandise? I don’t think so.

When I find plus size clothing, I cannot find many that are pretty. Mostly, they look like leftover scraps of material, that was just sewn together (most, haphazardly). Just because I’m plus size, does not mean that I don’t like to have pretty/cute clothes.

More and more women are feeling disgusted over the lack of beautiful plus size clothing. And I am one of them. Not everyone is a size 0 or a size 2. And some of us have medical problems and in my case, some medicines, that have caused the weight gain.

Beautiful women come in all sizes. (Not saying I personally am beautiful, because everyone who knows me, knows that is the opposite of what I think about myself.) So women “need”, nice, pretty, and proper fitting clothes.

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