Raw Honey

Raw honey has been around for as long as there have been honey bees. And for just about as long, people have used raw honey for medicinal uses from anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and antiseptics. Also used for coughing and allergy control.

I’m talking about “Real Raw Honey”. Not the processed honey that most people buy. That “honey” is clear, and has been heated and processed, which has taken out the naturalness of the honey.

For the best results of Raw Honey for seasonal allergies, you need to use “local” raw honey. Local raw honey has pollen from local plants, that you and many other people are allergic too. This local honey helps to act as kind of a vaccine, if taken by mouth, 2 teaspoons everyday. Using it this way for several months (or longer) can provide relief from seasonal pollen-related allergies.

My brother-in-law, began taking 1-2 Tablespoons everyday for his seasonal allergies that had affected him for years. His allergies we’re so bad that he spent many hours in the doctors office, not to mention the money he spent trying all the different prescribed, and over the counter medications, that wouldn’t work.

Naturally when he found out about using the local raw honey, he was skeptical. But with no medications helping to ease his suffering of his seasonal allergies, he gave it a try. After a week or two (I do not remember which he said) he totally stopped taking all of his allergy medicines (prescribed and over the counter) and only stuck with the local raw honey. Now he has become a big advocate for local raw honey. He was so excited about how well it worked that he began researching more about local “raw” honey, and medicinal uses.

I was thrilled that he finally found help for his seasonal allergies. And I was secretly thrilled that he has become so sincere and trying to promote the health benefits of local raw honey.

Oh, and another thing, you can use this very same raw honey on foods that you would normally sprinkle sugar over, or syrup on, to make it sweet. One of my favorites is putting our local raw honey on pancakes, instead of syrups, and instead of sugar, I put a teaspoon in my coffee. Yummmm!

One more thing, I am diabetic, but the honey has not caused me any problems with my diabetes.

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