Dandelions grow in everywhere in our yard, and I’m really glad, because they are good to eat. The dandelion greens and roots, are full of vitamins, minerals and even antioxidants. They also have medicinal qualities. They are a good source of potassium. They have a diuretic quality, and they are effective as a blood detoxifier. I have heard that dandelions are supposed to be good for your liver too (Although I’m not positive on this last one).

I will sometimes just walk around outside and pick a dandelion flower and eat it. The yellow new flower can be sauteed, steamed, battered and fried. Or eaten raw in salads. You can put them on sandwiches if you would like. There many ways to enjoy them. Make sure you pick them in early spring just as they have begun opening into the yellow flowers, or after they have opened into the yellow flowers. But do not eat them once they have gone from flowers to the fizzy

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