Duck! Duck!!

I love to explore in old abandoned homes, walk through the woods, and go in to caves. It’s amazing to think of what took place in these areas so long ago.  However, going to explore these places with my mom… can be… Memorable.

There is a huge cave not far from where I live. You cannot even tell that it’s there because of the trees and brush in front of it. But my mom and I knew it was there. So we decided to go explore it one day. Oh this wasn’t the first time we were there. But we never made it very far into the cave because we never had the proper lights. And let me tell you, once you go around the corner… It is pitch black. And scary as hell!

Well my mom and I decided that we was going to go “explore” once again. Once you get inside it splits off into two directions. Normally we always went to the right because it was wider, but this time we decided to try out the left side, although it was much, much narrower.

So we have on our jackets, boots and flash lights. We can only see as far as our dull flash lights will let us. The farther we went, it became more narrow, and in a few spots we had to duck because the top of the cave was lower.

So we are back there, with me leading the way, when we stopped and started talking about how we needed “much stronger” lights, and more lights, … definitely more.

Suddenly my mom is looking”past” me and her eyes widen. She whispers, “Turn around and look.”  With the look on her face, I was like, “No way.”  I did not want to see whatever it was that she was seeing behind me!  She again whispered, “Turn around.”  I shake my head no while saying, “Nope, no way!”  She laughs and says, “I just want you to see how dark it is.” So I look, and I’m like holy cow! It’s darker than dark.  I’m like, “NOPE, don’t want to see anymore, let’s go. I need better lights and MORE of them.” I already had this creepy feeling down my back. It was so dark in there we could barely see our hands in front of our faces!

So we turn to leave making my mom now the one in the lead and me behind her, and the pitch black darkness “breathing” down my neck. Then, what happened? We hear something behind us! No joke! Sounded like a couple foot steps. We took off as fast as we could run in that narrow section. My mom’s flashlight bouncing around in front of her and mine,… shining “behind” me! Suddenly my mom yells, “Duck! Duck! Duck!” I’m ducking, now I’m running bent over and yelling to her, asking, “Why?! Why?!”  We finally came back out to the big area of the cave where there is the huge opening with light coming in to brighten our way a bit better. We stop running now, after all, we we’re at the opening and had more light to see by. My mom is laughing. I’m still asking, “Why was we ducking?” She said, “Because we came to that low ceiling part of the cave, and I nearly knocked myself out, so I yelled duck so you wouldn’t hit your head on it.”  I’m like, “Oh.” Then my mom asks, “Why were you shining your flashlight behind you?”  I told her,  “Because I wanted to see what was coming up behind me!”  She laughed and said, “I thought you was showing whatever it was, the light, so it wouldn’t trip while chasing us!”  I’m like, “Heck no! I wanted to see how close it was as it come up behind me!”

Well, we never saw anything, except a lot of darkness. We scared ourselves, and laughed so hard that we had tears rolling. We both decided, next time we have “stronger, brighter and BIGGER” lights!! 😂😂😂


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