Did I really just do that? 

Did I really just do that? Oh my…

First thing this morning my husband walked up behind me and I turned my head (apparently too fast) to tell him something, and pulled something in my neck, shoulder and down to my shoulder blade.

Fast forward hours later…  The entire day I have not been able to move fast, bend over, or turn my head.  I sat here and ate a small ziplock bag of Green Chili Pistachios my son brought home. (Soooo HOT, but, soooo GOOD!) Then, with the hot green chili seasoning on my fingers, I reached up and rubbed my EYEBALL! Aghhh!!!  Then with my eye feeling like a hot knife poking my eye, I jerked, and pulled the muscle AGAIN in my neck and shoulder!  I cannot believe I just did that… 🙄😒😔


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