My mom. (Story 3)

My mom was on her way to work and noticed one of her fake fingernails was coming loose. So “while driving”, she decided she could not wait, and pulls out the crazy glue she had in her car, to glue it on.

Well… I suppose it is difficult to do while trying to drive and watch traffic. So what happens? She accidentally landed up squirting the crazy glue out, on to her fingers, that was griping her steering wheel (yeah, you know where this going šŸ˜‚).

She crazy glued a couple of her fingers, and part of her hand, to her steering wheel! šŸ˜‚ When she got to work she used her cell phone, and her one free hand, to call one of the women in the office, and asked for her to bring out nail polish remover (apparently on slow days they paint their nails).

Naturally the woman is confused and asks why? (I mean after all my mom was in the parking lot, so why couldn’t she just come on in?) My mom had to tell her because she crazy glued her fingers to the steering wheel and she needed help.

Of course this brought out several people to see this for themselves! šŸ¤£šŸ˜‚

P.s. My mom was able to get her hand unglued with the help of some of her laughing co-workers. And she learned that using crazy glue while driving in town,… is not a good idea. šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚

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