Dandelions,… not just weeds.

Dandelions grow all over our yard. And I am thankful that they do. Dandelion greens and roots are full of vitamins, minerals and even antioxidants. Along with being nutritious, they also have medicinal qualities. They are full of potassium.

All around, dandelions are good for you. You can eat them raw (which I will just pick out of the yard, wash them off and pop them in my mouth), put them in salads, put them on sandwiches, sauteed, steam, or batter them and fry them.

Yep, these little so called “weeds”, have so many health benefits. And who knew that for most of my life I would pull them up and toss them, thinking they were “just weeds” ?!



(CAUTION:  As with any new foods or medication, please use caution when trying something new.)

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