There are things in this world that I just do not understand. How/why does it seem that people/society has become so awful and lost their common sense? It seems as if it is way worse than when I was a kid.

Of course we did not have all of this technology (cell phones, hidden cameras, tablets, laptops, internet on just about every device). All we had was rotary home telephone, 3 channels on TV and a newspaper to get any news. Maybe that’s the difference.

Maybe because we could not get “instant” news, that we were uninformed (left in the dark, so to speak) of all the weird, crazy, and horrible acts people committed.  Or perhaps, along with the growing of population, the laws changing and letting “anything” be lawfult (that use to be against the law), and technology abounding, that the acts, and evilness of people have become worse.

Maybe it’s a combination of both technology, and just plain loss of common sense in society…  🤔

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