Cannabis Oil/Herbs

I highly believe your better off using natural herbs than the chemically made prescriptions prescribed. (But that’s just me.)

I am not saying you should suddenly stop all your medication and start using only herbs. (And what works for one person, may not always work for another.) But herbs can be beneficial to our health.

With that said, let me tell you what happened with my little adorable aunt…

My aunt was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, back around 2011 (give or take a year). The doctors told my uncle to take her home and make her “comfortable” because there was nothing they could do for her. My uncle, unsatisfied with this answer, began researching for something to help her.

He found out that several herbs help slow the progression of cancer, some are supposed to shrink the tumor, etc.. So my uncle began giving my aunt homemade herb teas, and capsules.

Then he found out about cannabis oil. And loving my aunt as much as he did, he searched for someone who actually made natural authentic cannabis oil. Once he found someone, he bought some and began giving it to my aunt a few times a day.

To make a longer story shorter, months later, my aunt was actually doing better! She was back to planting flowers in her garden, and painting on canvas! When it came time for a check up, the doctors were amazed. Not only was she doing better now, but her cancer slowed way down on spreading. The doctors told her and my uncle, “Whatever you are doing, keep doing it.”

My aunt surpassed her “time limit” given to her by her cancer specialist. Her cancer progressed extremely slow. My aunt lived many years beyond what the specialist expected.

Then in 2017, my aunt said she was tired of fighting, and refused to continue taking her cannabis oil and other natural herbs. Within two months, she went downhill fast and passed away in her home in the early morning hours.

That fast after “stopping” her cannabis oil. Now remember, she had stage 4 cancer. If she would have known about the cancer at stage 1 or 2, and started the cannabis oil, who’s to say she wouldn’t have been cured, and/or, still doing well and alive today?

Cannabis oil works for many health problems. And so do many other natural herbs.

Do your own research on herbal medicine, and the medical uses of cannabis oil. You may find yourself turning more often to natural/organic herbs.

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