Ouija Boards

I have been curious and tried many things in my life, but there are a few things I have found that need to be left alone.  One is the Ouija board… I do not even want one in my house. Yes, I used one a few times, but the most memorable was when I was young, and a cousin of mine, and myself, decided to play around with it. So we sat in the front room and turned off the lights, except for 1 lamp, which we sat near. Now I cannot remember the questions we asked, nor how long we used the Ouija board, but I do remember without a doubt how suddenly my whole body began shaking uncontrollably. I looked at my cousin, and saw the same thing happening to him!      We looked at each other wide eyed. Suddenly the lamp flickered and went out! We both screamed/shouted and we both ran out of the room together with our hearts pounding!

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