Our Trip (Story 1)

As I have said before, I love my mom. She is a wonderful mom, a wonderful grandma, and she is also my best friend. When her and I travel (go on our road trips), or just spend the day together, you never know what is going to happen! 😂😂😂

My mom and I was traveling by car (she was driving), and on our way to the New England states (to visit family) our GPS got “wacky” and led us in the wrong direction, causing us to become lost in the middle of nowhere, in an Illinois corn field.

Ok, no problem right? After all, this is the 21st century and we still have technology. We have cell phones and we can use Google maps to get where we are going. WRONG!

As I said, “we were in the middle of nowhere (in the middle of a corn field)”! Our cell phones had no service.  Ok, so this is an overpopulated America. Surely we will come across people or a small town/gas station. Guess what? Wrong again!

How can you possibly drive on a narrow 2 lane road in the middle of a corn field and not finally come across a house, another vehicle, or someone? This was around 4:00pm.

So what else can we do except keep driving? So we drove, and talked, and drove and talked, and drove and drove…. Finally the sun is going down, and that little narrow 2 lane road, with huge corn fields on both sides is getting creepy. Very creepy.

Then of course what does my mom say?? “This reminds me of that movie, Children of The Corn.”  Really mom? You gotta bring that up now? Then she proceeds to say, “Wow, the corn is so thick, you can’t see if anything was out there … watching us.”

I check to make sure the door is locked, and told her if anyone or anything steps out of the corn, to just run it over, and keep going, because I ain’t stopping for nothing until we get away from here! She laughed, I laughed, and then we both looked suspiciously at the corn fields on both sides.

Let me tell you, from 4:00pm to 7:00pm, we must have went in circles or something, because I can’t believe it took us that friggin’ long to drive through a dang corn field.

By this time we are tired, hungry  and more than ready to be done staring at corn fields. And I’m honestly thinking about just turning around, and heading home because I was so done with this trip already.

Yay! We finally made it “to the other side” and found “civilization!” First thing we did was get gas since we was nearly on empty, and find a map of Illinois so we could get out of there! We was like 30 minutes or less from the border of Indiana.

Surprise, our phones now worked! And I checked the GPS… It was working. However, we was not about to trust it, so we used our cell phones to Google maps, and used an “old fashioned” US Atlas map ,we found at a truck stop.

Now, here’s a crazy thing… When we looked at the map, the road we just came off of, wasn’t that far from a small town we had just came from. It was a short road to go through the corn field, to get to the town we finally found ourselves in after going through it … for 3 hours! The road looked to short to have had us “lost” for 3 hours!

Can anyone say… Twilight Zone??

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