Ancient Bacteria

So something scary I have been reading about…

This was an interesting article. But the part that was most scary was what I have been talking about for a year or two, where it says, …

“2. Ancient bacteria
Of the weirder findings scientists have found in ice has been old bacteria. Some recent specimens, for instance, have been dated back to around a quarter million years old. A different little chunk of bacteria-riddled ice was dated at around 8 million-years-old. That’s pretty old.
It’s only a certain type of bacteria that can survive these arctic cold conditions, however. In order for a bacteria to bear this breed of cold, for instance, it must be able to form spores. These spores are essentially a form of hibernation. And this hibernation, in turn, renders them essentially impervious to the external conditions in which they find themselves.

3. Old, virulent viruses
Other than bacteria, scientists have also found ancient viruses in the snow. Sometimes they’re carried in the bodies of dead animals, but sometimes they exist all on their own. Is there anything favorable about these old viruses? The answer is no—they’re bad news. Whereas with modern viruses we’ve developed immunity, these old ones we’ve had no exposure to.”

Think about the consequences of finding an unknown bacteria or virus, that we today have no immunity or vaccines for. The more I think about it, the scarier it is.


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